Holy Quran Teachers Academy Steps Forward:

There are several local highly standard institutes providing very authentic knowledge of Islam. It is recommended continuously contacting them. While for some family issues or other matters, several Muslims grown up without getting even the necessary Islamic Education. Now they want learning Islam but they don’t have time according to these institutions. There is also chance they are in countries where they could not get access to these institutes due to long distances. May be they cannot let their kids crossing roads hence Holy Quran Teachers Academy steps forward. It offers its services of online Quran teachers and possibilities of Islam learning. Register your required Quran Class and fix the time frame according to their availability.

Options of Online Quran Learning:

Holy Quran Teachers Academy took stand for providing Islamic Education according to the needs of current era among all online Quran organizations. It was the aim of academy to make it as better as possible via interactive recourses of online environment. That opened the doors of getting Islamic Education for students from around the globe. This opportunity gives the possibility to learn Quran and involve in understanding the teachings of Islam from the comfort of home. Parents can register with us for their kids online Quran classes through our web portal. Adults can get benefits of these online Quran classes to start learning Quran reading according to their own time schedule.

Highly Experienced Quran Teaching Staff:

Our well educated, experienced as well as highly skilled teachers can make it very easy to begin understanding the necessary deeds and practices of Islam. Each teacher has passed the computer skills, background check and education verification process for making sure that you are learning Quran from the professionals of Islamic Studies field.

Main Quran Classes:

Holy Quran Teachers Academy has been offering several courses for their online Quran students. The main three classes are Naorani Qaida class for very beginning students. Nazira Quran class for those students who want learning Quran by looking into Quran. This class also make them comfortable in reading other Arabic books especially the books of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallah o Alaih e Wa Sallam)’s sayings. Similarly there is Hifz e Quran Class for Quran students who wants memorizing Quran and read Quran heartly.

Flexible Quran Class Scheduling:

Holy Quran Teachers Academy facilitates you, your family as well as your kids to start learning Quran with Tajweed conveniently from the comfort of your home. Our 24/7 flexible Quran classes scheduling is one of the most effective ways to study the Holy Quran along with Islamic Education. Therefore Holy Quran Teachers Academy’s tutors are online 24 hours a day; seven days a week. This not only provides you flexibility but also it helps best smooth progress of your learning.

Group and One to One Quran Classes:

There is chance of getting enrolled in group Quran class for better combined learning environment. This also allows you learning Quran from online tutor as well as from fellow group students. One-on-one Quran class is really helpful for your kids Quran learning. There is quite helpful environment and time with online Quran tutor for asking as many questions as they want. Finally one can ask repeating lesson with tutor without any feeling of shyness in the company of fellow students.