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Our Platform is a leading Online Islamic Education Center for kids and adults. We offer you an opportunity to learn the holy book of Allah Quran-e-Pak word for word from an expert Online Quran Teacher.  The teachers offer one on one live class to you at your home. We teach via Skype and students learn through audio and video conversation. If you want to hire an expert Qari or a scholar-teacher, you should choose us. Our tutors meet the requirements of the students of all age groups. Our students include both children and adults. Search for the professional Quran tutor and choose us. Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and skilled teachers.

Can`t Drive Kids to the Mosque?

Learn Quran Online in Home at your convenience!

Begin Learning Quran Now in 3 Easy Steps

Getting yourself or your loved ones familiarized with the teachings of the holy Quran doesn’t have to be a hassle. This is the reason why Quran Learn Academy has developed an extremely easy to understand online registration process you can go through to get yourself or your children registered. Just follow these steps to get things on the way.

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Click on Student Registration:

Simply click on “Student Registration” and a tab for :online registration will open. There, enter your basic details such as name, Country, and contact information. Once you are done with providing us theses basic credentials, your process for registration will be complete.

Pick a Time for Free Trial:

Upon receiving your request for registration, we will get in touch with you to set a time as to when can you take your free trial class. In addition, we will guide you about our Quran teaching process and tell you a little bit about our organization.

Embark On this Holy Journey with your 1st Class:

Initiate your Quran learning process by logging in with the credentials we provide you and start taking your first class with our Quran teachers.

Basic Course

  • Basic Alphabet Learning
  • letters recognition
  • correct pronunciation
  • interactive whiteboard sessions

Islamic principles

  • Memorization of Last small Surahs
  • Understanding of Salah (prayer)
  • 40 short ahadits and 40 Duas
  • Other necessary islamic principles

Quran Reading

  • Quran Reading with tajweed
  • Memorization of Quran
  • Advanced Level Quran Tajweed.

Online Quran Teacher at Home for Females

Hidayah Institute of Quran has a team of expert female tutors for female students. Now you can hire a Quran teacher at home and learn online via Skype. Quran learning is now easy for every female Muslim across the world. Our female teachers are qualified to teach all types of Quran courses. They can teach in English, Arabic, and Urdu. Students living in different countries of the world such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc can learn from us.

Our online teachers are excellent for females. The students do not have to leave their homes for attending Online Quran classes. We provide a Quran teacher on Skype to them, and the teacher offers one to one classes. Females of all ages, including housewives can attend classes with our teachers. We offer a great opportunity for every female Muslim to learn the Holy Quran in their homes. Our tutors are available at the most convenient time for the students. If you also want to learn from a female tutor, contact us.


Learn by a Live Quran Tutor on skype.

Choice of Male and Female Tutors.

Read Quran in 3 months only *

One to One Interactive Classes!


All Countries are Supported.

Laptops, Smartphones Supported.

Learn on Your Preferred Time.

Whiteboard, Audio, Video supported.


24 hours Online.

High Speed Internet

Electricity and Internet backup

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