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First of all it is considerable, in several decades, too much is changed. Transportation is on the peak level of human history. Communication has brought all the humanity into a global village environment. Medical department could defeat a lot of tough diseases. Construction department is producing best ever living standards to humanity. Technology is shining in every walk of life hence we can see it everywhere. Education is the core reason for all this progress. Technology has improved means of …

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Quran Classes that Really Matter

Every Islamic part is Important but below are the most significant Quran classes:

Qurani Qaida Class

Qurani Qaida

Qurani Qaids class involves learning Arabic letters pronunciation. Understanding vowel symbols and sounds. Usage of vowels and other symbols to combine words. Read More

Nazra Quran Class

Nazra Quran

Nazra Quran is a Holy Quran reading process. Students actively take part in the class. And learn pronouncing Quranic Arabic words correctly. Read More

Hifz e Quran

Hifz e Quran is regarded deed in Islam. It will be rewarded great by Almighty Allah. Hifz e Quran is easy process with us. Your kids will enjoy it. Read More

Why Choose Holy Quran Teachers Academy

Online Holy Quran Teaching Mission, Vision and Prides:

We are providing Holy Quran teaching services. Our aim is to receive pleasure of Almighty Allah. While our mission is to spread the message of Allah among all the human kind. The message is peace. Peace, comfort and safety for everyone is the summary of this message. Reading Quran will let you feel the peace. Its comfort will cover you from every side. We are offering our sincere services to Quran and Islam as below:

  • Safe Quran Teaching Services

    We believe in safety first rule. Hence we deployed the best practices on our website. We are following international site safety measures. As well as 100% compliance to GDPR …

  • Learning Quran from Home

    Your family and you don’t need to drive on the roads. You can start learning Holy Quran from home. Just put on your computer. Register with us. And simply start learning Quran …

  • FREE 3 Days Trial Classes

    After registration, you will get 3 days FREE evaluation class. This 3 days FREE trial Quran class has great importance starting to learn Quran. You can get 3 days FREE trial class for any course …

  • Flexible Class Timing

    You can adjust Quran class timing according to our own standard time. At the same time, you can choose the class hours per week according to your own schedule  …

  • Competent Teachers

    We have a long list of our competent Quran teachers. Tutors can teach in Urdu, English and Arabic. Hence they have no communication problem when taking classes  …

  • One to One Classes

    At we have one to one class service. Single teacher will teach a single student. This will ensure devoted attention in teaching learning process …

Holy Quran Teaching Services

Latest Islamic News and Events

Latest Islamic articles are highlighted like below:

01 Oct

Hire Quran Teachers

Hire Quran Teachers Online Now a day computing technology is very advance. Since a lot has been changed. We also opt the modern techniques for teaching Islam. So you can hire Quran teachers online. Similarly your kids, family members and …

16 Sep

Umme Ahil, Canada

I registered Quran class for my kid Ahil. Initially it was doubtful how the system will work. But the process was simple. All the team is user friendly. Ahil is learning Quran very fast. Sometimes I also involve into the …

16 Sep

Umar Sarim, Australia

I am learning Quran reading with This is really good experience. At my age of 30 I start thinking that I cannot learn reading Quran. But the teachers on this site could make it easy. Arabic Alphabets learning was …