Qurani Qaida Class

Qurani Qaida Class

This Quran Qaida class is very beginning class of Quran learning. Basically, it involves learning alphabets. But it is not limited to learning Arabic alphabets. It is completely practical class of learning say Arabic letters and words correctly. Qurani Qaida class is very essential due to its effects in Quran reading. There are several versions of this class. Hence you will notice some are teaching Yasar Quran Qaida. While there are many teaching Rahmani Qaida. Many Quran teachers are teaching Norani Qaida. We have no concern with any of them. As we focus on the contents. We believe in achieving targets and goals. As long as Quran students are showing progress then all is fine.

Objectives of Qurani Qaida Class:

After taking this Qurani Qaida class, InshaAllah, student will be to:

  • Identify Symbols of Individual Arabic Letters
  • Pronounce Sounds of Individual Letters
  • Combine Individual letters
  • Recognize group sounds
  • Say group sounds efficiently
  • Read and say by heart the Haroof Muqattaat
  • Understand vowel symbols (Harakaat)
  • Identify double harakaat (Tanween)
  • Start making Arabic words
  • Combine letters and use Harakaat as well as Tanween
  • Differentiate between normal vowel symbols and standing vowel symbols
  • Use standing vowel symbols
  • Begin mixing individual letters with normal symbols as well as standing vowels
  • Identify Shadd as well as Jazm

These are our major objects of this class. While student will not be restricted to this level. He is supposed to be efficient in understanding Arabic symbols as well as Arabic sounds. He also will learn some necessary rules of reading Holy Quran in this Qurani Qaida class.

Practice Factor in Qurani  Qaida Class

Most of the learning outcomes are touching the practice level. Hence practice is very important in this class. The duration of this class merely depends on students mental level. As well as his efforts to practicing the symbols and sounds.

Pre-requirements and Registration for Qurani Qaida Class

There is no pre-requirement for this class. All the responsibility will be to our teacher. Our expert teachers will help students reaching their destination skillfully. They are with several techniques for each student. If the picking power of your child not very good. Still you not need to worry. Holy Quran teachers Academy’s experienced teachers know very well to handle the situation. They love teaching Quran. Teaching Quran is their passion. And nothing is difficult in front of passion. Simply fill the registration form. Take the evaluation class. Finally start learning Quan basics.

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