Online Quran Teacher for Kids

Online Quran For Kids

It’s live 1 to 1 course and the structure of Quran For Kids Online Course is composed of three stages which are specifically designed for kids to learn Quran from complete beginner to expert.

Online Quran Teacher for Kids

Our Quran Teacher for Kids offers special classes for kids of all ages. We have expert Qari for teaching Noorani Qaida to kids. Learn Noorani Qaida Online is the basic and elementary course for children. Fortunately, we have qualified teachers who can teach and handle kids the best. We only hire experienced teachers because it is not possible for every tutor to handle kids.

The tutors can teach the following courses to kids

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Tajweed Quran Online
  • Quran Memorization Online
  • Islamic Studies Online

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