Hire Quran Tutors Online

Hire Quran Teachers

Hire Quran Teachers Online

Now a day computing technology is very advance. Since a lot has been changed. We also opt the modern techniques for teaching Islam. So you can hire Quran teachers online. Similarly your kids, family members and even you can start learning with online Quran class. The most important thing is that you can start learning Islam from your own place on flexible timings. Our Quran teachers are enriched with modern day teaching qualities below:

  • Highly Qualified Quran Teachers
  • Well Trained for Teaching Quran Online
  • Aware of Quran Teaching via Computer, iPhone and Android Technology
  • They know to operate Skype, IMO, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Teaching Quran for Kids with soft manners
  • Trained to teach Quran in English, Urdu and Arabic

Hire Well Trained Quran Tutors

We provide proper training to our teachers. Hence if you find Quran teachers from holyquranteachers.com then definitely you will hire well trained Quran tutors. As our Quran tutors go though a proper training before allotting them students. Because online Quran teaching is completely different approach comparing to the normal face to face teaching in institutions. Therefore, from time to time, we keep arranging various refresher courses and training programs for our Quran tutors. Hence they are always on top of modern teaching trends and techniques involved in online Quran teaching. Holy Quran Teachers Academy is non-partisan SCHOOL OF QURAN. Hence we teach Holy Qur’an loyally irrespective of any group. We sincerely welcome all the students willing learn reading Qur’an properly.

Hire Quran Teachers and Get Progress Report

Hire Quran Teachers/Tutors

Along with several other facilities you will get progress report in your email. Hence you are always the right track of courses progress and lesson activities. Then the report insights will present you the overview of remaining course as well as the units completed by student. Furthermore, teachers’ comments in the report will keep you at glance about the strong as well as week points of student. Finally you have the option to download report in PDF format and keep it at your computer device or hard copy for future reference.

  • Highly Qualified Teacher
  • Equiped with computer literacy to teach online
  • They can teach Quran in English, Urdu and Arabic
  • These Quran Tutors are Well Trained
  • They are Regular and Punctual
  • Our Tutors are reliable and Polite
  • They don’t anger with kids
  • Our Quran Teachers Teach with Love and kindness

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